About Aaron Gershfield

Aaron Gershfield

Aaron Gershfield, a 24-year-old Paralegal, spends most of his time working, but in his infrequent spare moments, he enjoys pursing many activities that interest him. Current events, the legal system, puzzles, riddles, philosophy, and other cultures fascinate him, and he is also drawn in by a myriad of artistic outlets, including film and music. He is a huge fan of independent films and alternative music. His favorite movies include, Before Sunset, Once, A Scanner Darkly, and Juno, and his eclectic list of favorite bands includes Nickelback, Incubus, Linkin Park, and Coldplay. Although his long working hours leave him little time to idle in front of the TV, Aaron Gershfield immensely enjoys following the plots of Lost and Heroes. He prides himself on being a connoisseur of well-written entertainment, and his film, music, television, and literature choices all reflect his careful taste. Aaron Gershfield also takes pleasure in setting aside a little time every week to read or re-read the works of his favorite authors, like Neil Gaiman and Kurt Vonnegut, and when work is not monopolizing him, he enjoys playing Assassin’s Creed, watching a couple MythBusters episodes, or blogging on his WordPress Blog.

A native of California, Aaron Gershfield was born and raised in the Sacramento area and attended Kent State University in Ohio, where he acquired his bachelor’s degree in Paralegal Studies. After graduating in 2006, he returned to his hometown to join the staff of one of Northern California’s leading law firms: the Law Offices of Sacramento. He worked for the firm as a legal assistant for two years, gaining invaluable experience researching data, analyzing legal direction, and managing his own tasks and being responsible for the work of several interns. In February 2008, he left the firm over a difference of opinion and became a freelance paralegal, working for a number of different law firms and individuals needing legal assistance. Fair Oaks Law Firm was one of the many law offices he did freelance work for during his job interim, and the firm was so impressed with his work that they brought him in for an interview and hired him almost immediately due to his proficiency in legal matters and impressive resume. As much as he loves his job, Aaron Gershfield’s dream is to found his own law firm, and he was recently accepted to the McGeorge School of Law and will begin taking night classes this fall.



  1. Are you be any chance anything to do with (for example)


    ??? There are several such shuffled pages floating around cyberspace but I don’t get the point. Can you shed any light?

    Thanks, CC

  2. I don’t know anything about those sites. Sorry.

    -Aaron Gershfield

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