Posted by: theaarongershfield | May 14, 2008

G’day Mates

Kangaroo So my girlfriend and I have finally decided on a summer getaway destination. We’re going to Australia! To the Queensland coast. I was leaning towards Cairns, but she wanted to visit an old college friend in Townsville, so we we’re going to hit both, spending about a week at each destination. We’ve only been dating about six months and this will be the first trip we’ve taken together, so this could be a very eye-opening experience. Depending on the outcome, the trip could really make or break our relationship. My buddies think I’m losing it, but I think Sarah and I’ve got something. We like hanging out, and the worst that could happen is we find out we have nothing in common and that we hate each other, which we’d eventually figure out anyway, so, not to think like a lawyer, but basically, this trip is risk free and comes with some nice perks: sunshine, fresh air, swimming, scuba diving, and some much-deserved R & R with the girlfriend. I can’t wait to get to The Land Down Under and actually see the Great Barrier Reef in person. (See below.)

Great Barrier Reef

So awesome!


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