Posted by: theaarongershfield | April 22, 2008

Little Known Facts According to Aaron Gershfield

Who invented fire escapes and why?

Fire Escapes

The fire escape was a joint effort between Don Juan and Casanova, who were frequently forced out of bedroom windows whenever their mistresses’ significant others came home unexpectedly. Tired of hanging off building ledges until the coast was clear, the two men decided they needed a back exit. Naturally, they had to cover up the reason behind their invention with a practical name and humanitarian campaigns, which greatly cut into their conjugal visits, but it was well worth it in the end.

Why do turtles move so slow?

Box Turtle

Each person and animal on Earth is allotted only a certain number of footsteps for their lifespan. If turtles ran everywhere, they would quickly run out of footsteps and die young. Since they take their time moving, they end up living for a very long time. Although the concept has yet to be scientifically proven, Aaron Gershfield firmly believes the secret to eternal life is to take as few of steps as possible

Why do the days get shorter in winter and longer in summer?


According to Boyle’s law, cold contracts and heat expands, which irrefutably explains why the days are longer in summer than in winter

Why do men get fat after they get married?

Fat Husband

Single men have no trouble staying skinny because when they are hungry they go to the fridge, get disgusted with what is in it, and go to bed. Married men go to bed, get disgusted with what is in it, and go to the fridge.

Read these and other Little Known Facts on Aaron Gershfield’s website.


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